Dux Das Ding 4 - Kultliederbuch

Dux Das Ding 4 - Kultliederbuch

  • Librairie: Guitare
  • Langue: Allemand/anglais
  • Format: DIN A5
  • Auteurs: Andreas Lutz & Bernhard Bitzel
  • Nombre de pages: 432
  • Année de parution: 2014
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Dux Das Ding 4 - Kultliederbuch · Recueil de morceaux

The Songbooks of the books series "Das Ding" are cult. Meanwhile, there are already four volumes from the so called "Kultliederbuch" from DUX Verlag. Each Songbook contains over 400 songs for the campfire, trips and parties for guitar. Since everyone can sing along! The chords are shown directly above the text, so you can, without much practice directly play from the book. DAS DING is a must for any campfire guitarists and anyone who wants to be one. As a practical bound Spiral back book DAS DING comes as a handy A5 book or in notes as A4. Great book which is also suitable for English language, all songs are in original language and standard notation.

Recueil de morceaux · Dux Das Ding 4 - Kultliederbuch

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