Fender American Standard Jazzbass RW 3TS

Fender American Standard Jazzbass RW 3TS

  • Type de construction: Corps massif/Solid body
  • Montage manche: Manche vissé
  • Nombre de cordes: 4 cordes
  • Nombre de frettes: 20
  • Diapason: 34" (86,36 cm)
  • Materiau corps: Frêne (Ash)
  • Manche: Érable (Maple)
  • Touche: Palissandre (Rosewood)
  • Incrustations touche: Dot inlays
  • Configuration micros: S-S (2 x Single Coil)
  • Micro manche: Custom Shop 60s JazzBass Pickup
  • Micro bridge (chevalet): Custom Shop 60s JazzBass Pickup
  • Potentiomètre: 2 x volume, 1 x tone
  • Accastillage: Chrome
  • Livré avec: Etui
Numéro d'article: 10060252
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Fender American Standard Jazzbass RW 3TS · Basse gaucher

The American Standard isn’t just about who you are. It’s about where Fender has been and who you aspire to be. When you hold it, you know you’ve arrived. When you play it, you’re stepping into the shoes of your musical heroes. This is it, the handmade American classic.

It's the heart of Fender, the tradition of "made in U.S.A." excellence at its finest. It's the sound of modern music and the choice instrument of the pros. Put simply, it's 60 years of experience rolled into one incredible instrument, the Standard to which all other instruments are held.

Basse gaucher · Fender American Standard Jazzbass RW 3TS

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