Gibraltar 9706NL

Gibraltar 9706NL

  • Dimensions caisse claire: 12" - 14" (30,48-35,56 cm)
  • Système de tension: Ecrou à oreilles
  • Articulation: Articulation à rotule
  • Embase: Simple
  • Particularité(s): Convient pour le montage en rack, hauteur réglable
Numéro d'article: 10073088
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Gibraltar 9706NL · Stand caisse claire

The 9700 hardware series of Gibraltar is the "top-line".

All tripods are equipped with very stable double-braced legs which , with the wide struts give the stand a very sturdy appearance.
All joints on the tripods are of course adjustable and the typical Gibraltar features are included.

The Cymbal stands are not only provided with the "standard" wing nuts but can optionally be delivered as TP (Turning Point) version. "Turning Point" describes a quick release system which enables quick mounting and removal of your gear.

Stand caisse claire · Gibraltar 9706NL

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