Gretsch G9460 Dixie 6 Guitar Banjo

Gretsch G9460 Dixie 6 Guitar Banjo

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  • Coloris: Antique Maple Stain
  • Finish: Brillant
  • Touche: Érable (Maple)
  • Manche: Érable (Maple)
  • Mécaniques: Face
  • Résonateur: Érable (Maple)
  • Tone-Ring: Acier
Numéro d'article: 10063579
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Bluegrass Banjo · Gretsch G9460 Dixie 6 Guitar Banjo

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Makes a Fine Open Back Banjitar

User le 24.10.2016
Évaluation générale:

Very nicely made banjo guitar from Gretsch -- nearly flawless construction (a couple of the fret ends could have been filed more carefully, but not a big deal). Set up is quite good out of the box, I haven't bothered to tweak it yet. Beautiful guitar too. Neck seems to be an exact copy of a vintage-style Telecaster neck. Has a smooth, matte finish.

This banjo does not have a proper resonator, but only a wooden plate held in place by a few screws, with spacers to give the instrument some air. This is a feature for me, since I prefer an open back banjo, and that's really what this banjo is. I took the plate off right away (and frankly, with the plate on, the sound is quite tinny).

The guitar came strung with bronze strings, but I've changed them for nickel steel, for more of a banjo sound. I wish Gretsch could have come up with a bridge that allows for normal ball-end guitar strings. It's not always easy to find a six-string set of loop-end strings.

The only other negative point I can make is the fret dots are basically the same color as the fretboard, which makes them hard to see. I'll probably color them in with marker.

All in all, a great guitar, especially for the price. There aren't a lot of open-back banjitars out there, so this one's a great find.

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