Music Man StingRay MM110 RW CHR MH

Music Man StingRay MM110 RW CHR MH

  • N° de série: E99179
  • Coloris: Chili Red
  • Type de construction: Corps massif/Solid body
  • Montage manche: Manche vissé
  • Nombre de cordes: 4 cordes
  • Nombre de frettes: 21
  • Mesure: Longscale
  • Diapason: 34" (86,36 cm)
  • Matériau corps: Frêne (Ash)
  • Manche: Érable (Maple)
  • Forme du corps: Sting Ray
  • Touche: Palissandre (Rosewood)
  • Incrustations touche: Dot inlays
  • Micro manche: Music Man Alnico
  • Micro bridge (chevalet): Music Man Alnico
  • Type de micro: MM-Style
  • Sélecteur micros: Sélecteur 5 positions
  • Egalisation: EQ 3 bandes
  • Accastillage: Chrome
  • Livré avec: Etui
  • Poids: 4,60 kg
  • Pays de production: Fabriqué aux U.S.A.
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Music Man StingRay MM110 RW CHR MH · Basse électrique

Ask a person to name 5 famous classic electric basses. On the third place, at the latest, the Music Man Sting Ray will be mentioned, overtaken by the Fender Jazz Bass and the Fender Precision Bass at the most. Interestingly, Leo Fender was involved with the genesis of the Sting Ray, too.
In 1971 Leo Fender, Forrest White and Tom Walker formed a company they would call Tri-Sonix, Inc. White had worked with Leo in the very early days of Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company as the plant manager and stayed on after the company was sold to the CBS Corporation, but had grown unhappy with their management. Tom Walker worked as a sales rep at Fender. Because of a 10-year non-compete clause in the 1965 contract that sold the Fender companies to CBS, Leo Fender was a silent partner. Leo Fender did not like the name Tri-Sonix, so the name evolved under Leo Fender's suggestion to call the new company Music Man. In 1976 Music Man introduced the Sting Ray Bass, designed by Leo Fender and Forrest White. It was an instant hit. In 1984 Music Man was sold to Ernie Ball and since then, all Music Man instruments are built in San Luis Opisbo, California, USA.

Basse électrique · Music Man StingRay MM110 RW CHR MH

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