Schmidt Array SA-750W ES-8 BK
Pédalier / pedalboard Schmidt Array SA-750W ES-8 BKPédalier / pedalboard Schmidt Array SA-750W ES-8 BK (2)

Schmidt Array SA-750W ES-8 BK

  • Dimension: Pour >10 pédales
  • Type de construction: Multiplex
  • Forme de construction: 2 niveaux
  • Dimensions (lxhxp): 750 mm x 350 mm
  • Poids: 6,6 kg
  • Mode de fixation: Bande auto-agrippante
  • Câblage: recouvert
  • Interface: disponible en option
  • Alimentation en courant électrique: Aucun
  • Protection transport: Housse ou couvercle alu en option
  • Livré avec: Bande auto-agrippante, 2 LED Flexlights
  • Eclairage: avec LED Flexlights
  • Particularité(s): Découpe Wah Wah
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Schmidt Array SA-750W ES-8 BK · Pédalier / pedalboard

Schmidt array BOSS ES-8 Custom Pedalboards
The Schmidt array Pedalboards are probably by far the most sophisticated and innovative pedal boards on the market. It offered 4 standard sizes. The ES-8 Custom series is custom made for the BOSS ES-8 Looper.

The BOSS ES-8 fits in perfectly with the Pedalboard and the many connecting cables from the True Bypass Looper disappear below the upper level. A fully loaded ES-8 Board remains extremely tidy, practicable and is simply a feast for the eyes!

These pedal boards are available in two sizes: SA-750 with 750 mm width and SA-900 with 900 mm width. You also have the choice between a version with and without a cut-out for Wah Wah or expression pedal and with or without aluminum cover.

Two-Deck Design
The innovative and unique two-deck design not only looks sexy, but offers some advantages that are searched for in vain with other Pedalboards
• The second level is raised, so as to get to the second pedal row comfortably without touching the lower pedals
• The upper level can be completely folded away and cable channeling is very comfortable.
• The resulting space can be used for mounting power supplies, additional pedals, Buffer and cables.
• The lower level can easily be removed for rewireing and then clicked back into place.

Wah Cut Out
The optional Wah recess can host a wah wah pedal or expression (Standard Dunlop Crybaby size) without interfering with the elegant look of the Board.

Cable slots
All cables disappear through the cable slots out of sight. An organized and tidy Pedalboard gives an elegant, professional look. A feast for the eyes as compared to the usual cable clutter.

Connector Box
The optional Schmidt array connector box is an intelligent Pedalboad interface with connections for Guitar Input, effects loop with send and return, Pedalboard output, and mono / stereo footswitch. The clue here is that the pedalboard automatically recognises if the effects loop is being used or not. If send and return are not used all pedals are automatically connected in series and the pedal board can also be used in front of a clean amp with no effects loop.

All boards come with LED Flexlights incl. Matching USB Power Pack, with enough power to supply the Pedalboard with up to 6 hours of light.

IEC Power Socket
An IEC network adapter is attached to the back of the board.

Pédalier / pedalboard · Schmidt Array SA-750W ES-8 BK

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