Zildjian L80 Low Volume LV468

Zildjian L80 Low Volume LV468

  • Désignation de l'article: Box Set
  • Charleston / Hihat: 14" (35,56 cm)
  • Diamètre Crash 1: 16" (40,64 cm)
  • CrashRide: 18" (45,72 cm)
  • Finish: Regular
  • Alliage: Bronze B8
  • Fabrication: Machine
Numéro d'article: 10081266
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Zildjian L80 Low Volume LV468 · Pack de cymbales

The unique L80 Low Volume Cymbals from Zildjian are up to 80% quieter than normal drum cymbals. Thanks to innovative technologies, these cymbals sound very real without losing the authentic feeling of playing. They are ideal for practice rooms, drum lessons, quiet club performances or wherever you must play quietly. The L80 Low Volume Cymbal series are available both as a set or individually.

- 70% - 80% quieter than conventional cymbals, so you can play longer without hearing protection.
- Ideal for at home, practice rooms, dormitories or any "noise-sensitive" premises.
- Advanced technology and matching alloy ensure a real cymbal feel.
- Unique matte finish with a sophisticated look.
- As with all other Zildjian Cymbals, made in Norwell, Massachusetts in the U. S. A.

Pack de cymbales · Zildjian L80 Low Volume LV468

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