Mogami Overdrive Edition MOGITR0300BL

Mogami Overdrive Edition MOGITR0300BL

  • Connectique: Mono sur jack mono coudé
  • Longueur: 3 m
  • Coloris: Noire
  • Particularité(s): G&H jack
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Mogami Overdrive Edition MOGITR0300BL · Câble pour instrument

Mogami Cable: The Overdrive Edition. An extremely robust guitar cable on the same phonetic level of the Platinum series.
The overdrive guitar cable was designed for high performance in harsh environments such as stage, live and on tour. With a special focus on the needs of guitarists, Mogami placed a lot of value on an extremely low capacitance of only 70 pF / m and a strikingly assertive presence region to make every nuance of the instrument audible. High frequencies are carried with extremely high resolution resulting in overtones being reproduced with an incredible wealth of detail.

A more resistant coating protects the coaxial structure, while the specially braided OFC / DTEC screen and the movable inner conductor always keep the cable's flexibility. Using a new method with different (conductive) insulations Mogami has managed to reduce the Microphonic sounds again. The Mogami Overdrive Edition includes cable types with straight or right angle Neutrik SilentPlug G & H connectors, which are already used in the Gold and Platinum Edition. The Mogami made with Pure OFC 3368 Overdrive series is also available by the meter.

Câble pour instrument · Mogami Overdrive Edition MOGITR0300BL

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