Mogami Platinum Edition MPGIT0300BL

Mogami Platinum Edition MPGIT0300BL

  • Connectique: Mono sur jack mono
  • Longueur: 3 m
  • Coloris: Noire
  • Particularité(s): Connecteur Neutrik Silent
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Mogami Platinum Edition MPGIT0300BL · Câble pour instrument

When only the best is good enough! The MOGAMI Guitar Cable Platinum Series carries every nuance of the instrument and all the emotions of the music, without any discoloration. The complex electromechanical structure guarantees maximum transparency and detail at an extremely low capacitance of only 74 pF / m!
In addition to the OFC spiral electromagnetic interference shield it consists of two shields made of conductive plastic (PVC Carbon) which prevent mechanical noise. As a guitarist, you can move freely, without concern that kicking or standing on your cableinterferes with your sound.
The acknowledged, best guitar cable with Neutrik silent PLUG! With this plug the guitar can be connected without humming and popping.

Best sound, best performance.

Câble pour instrument · Mogami Platinum Edition MPGIT0300BL

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